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About us


Nothing improves the value of your home like a hard surface floor. Floor Variety Dot Com  specializes in sourcing, importing, warehousing and direct home delivery of the latest styles and colors in high quality hard surface floors.

We partner with the most innovative manufacturers of these products to bring our customers a wide variety of real wood products and custom manufacturing capabilities, wide species selection, and all the complimentary accessories needed to create incredible rooms. In addition to performing 100% of our product fulfillment, we have also built an in-house Customer Service Staff because we believe that an in-house staff is far more dedicated to satisfy your needs.

Floor Variety Dot Com negotiates directly with the mills to buy an entire years production. This tactic eliminates the middleman and allows the savings to be passed on to the customers who appreciate the "hardwood flooring for less" method of buying.

We know how to do the job quickly and efficiently ensuring you will receive speedy delivery. As the industry leader we can bring all this to you at very substantial savings, usually 50% to 80% off the typical retail price found at your local discount flooring supply super-store. As members of the Floor Variety team, we are proud to serve you and we thank you for shopping at


Our Product

We provide different types of flooring products. Among them some of the main products that we sell are hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and bamboo flooring. Hardwood is basically a traditional material, which gives a new look to your home. Since, hardwood flooring is quite easy to maintain you can install that at your home. Beside this, we also sell durable bamboo flooring, which is indeed a great choice of the environmentally conscious people. You can also use these floors in your kitchen. Other than this, there is another option- laminate flooring. If you cannot afford to have hardwood flooring for your home, you can go for laminate flooring. It gives natural look to your home and makes it more comfortable to stay in.





Fast & Easy Delivery - All residential deliveries are completed with a minimum of disruption. All work is performed by experienced full-time employees dedicated to proper customer services. All items for residential delivery are thoroughly inspected prior to delivery. Clients are able to verify inventory, status and availability of their items via the internet. Appointments are honored and scheduled to accommodate client requests. At the delivery date the driver will lower the material via hydraulic lift gate to the curbside or driveway of the customer. U.S delivery- starts from 48 hours within 50 states.

Quality products - At Floor Variety Dot Com we provide quality flooring materials with 25 years of warranty. In order to keep the price reasonable, we never compromise with our product quality. All the products sold from our online floor store are comparatively more durable than the products sold by many of the other flooring stores. Dent and scratches can hardly be found on our sold products.
Cost Efective - At Floor Variety Dot Com we guarantee that you will get quality cost effective hardwood floor. We always try to keep our product price within the reach of common man. This is why; people from all financial level prefer to buy products from our online custom flooring store. In the true sense, if you want to give your home a unique look by spending only a small amount of money, then you should definitely select us.
Customer Care - At Floor Variety Dot Com we are committed to provide exceptional customer care. You can contact our representatives with our toll free number 1-855-714-7778 or with our online chat support. So, if you want to clear out any doubts regarding our company, then do not hesitate to contact our client support team.

Worldwide - We at Floor Variety Dot Com provides prompt, reliable and professional international delivery services to our customers. We try to cater to the needs of both the local and international clients.


In recent times people will find loads of floor stores, but among them you can choose us for our customized services. We not only sell hardwood, bamboo and laminate flooring, but also customize it on the basis of the clients’ requirements. So, if you want custom look on your floors you can mention that to us. We will surely try to make the alterations according to your choices.