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Changing your flooring at home used to be very frustrating and expensive, well not any more.

Laminate flooring is the perfect solution for changing your old flooring without spending so much money.

People are more aware today to a lot of diseases that caused by carpets, it could be from allergies and up to even worst an asthma. 

Nowadays with the look of laminate flooring wood look alike you can have your flooring done with a minimum cost and time.

With the comfortable click system of any laminate flooring, you can save a lot of money on installation and do it by yourself, it is so simple that even if you are not a handy person with a simple of few steps you can have your flooring done.

If you decided to go with a contractor to install your laminate flooring you will see the saving compare to wood flooring.

Installation for laminate flooring can start on a price of $3.00 per Sq/Ft not like wood flooring that the prices running from $5.00 and up per Sq /Ft.

Laminate flooring which also known as floating floor because of the option of glue less installation become more and more popular in each and every house and apartment.

You don’t need to glue-down, staple down, or nail-down laminate flooring.

Instead of buying a few buckets of glue you can have a padding solution in a minimum cost of $0.14 cent per sq/ft and save even more.

With the beautiful selection of colors and wood look alike options laminate flooring today rated on the same level as hardwood flooring.

When you have come to select laminate flooring you need to consider the AC rate, which AC-1 is the lowest rate for laminate flooring and it is used for low traffic areas, AC-5 is usually for a high traffic areas and commercial needs, and the most popular and common among the people is the AC-3 rate which good for residential solution with a heavy traffic areas.

Just like hardwood flooring you can install laminate flooring almost in any part of the house, but just make sure that areas like kitchen and bathroom should be with more care and will be used with waterproof glue.

Molding and trims for laminate flooring are cheaper then molding for hardwood flooring and instead of paying an average cost of $49 for wood flooring quarter round piece, you can have quarter round for laminate for as low as $19.99.

Laminate flooring cost can start as low as $0.39 cent per sq/ft and you might want to check if it is odd lots or discontinued product that will be very difficult for you if you will need to continue the same project at the same area in the future, not all the click systems are the same, and you can find yourself stacking with two different colors and two different click systems.

Laminate flooring thickness usually start at 6mm and go up to 12mm,which most common is 8mm and 12mm for an average house or apartment.

The cost for 8mm could start at $0.99 cent and can go up to $3.00 depends on the surface type and the brand.

If you want your flooring to look classy you might want to consider the piano finish which is the high glossy type of laminate flooring and will makes your house looks very modern.

If you decided to go with the vintage look and put a distressed or a hand scraped look your house will looks more contemporary style.

Laminate floors are extremely impact, scratch, sunlight fade and stain resistant.

Any laminate flooring surface type will be with a minimum of maintenance care, you don’t need any wax or polish to keep your laminate looks fresh and new.

You can use a brushless vacuum and a very lightly wet cloth and your laminate floors will looks great.